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Northbeam vs Triple Whale: The Ultimate E-Commerce Analytics Battle (2024)

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Deciding between Northbeam vs Triple Whale for your e-commerce analytics can take time and effort. This article provides a factual and concise evaluation of both platforms, discussing key features, target markets, integration capabilities, pricing, and ease of use. 

We aim to help you make an informed choice by clearly explaining how each platform serves different business needs.

What Is A Good Return Customer Rate and How to Increase it

  1. Northbeam offers advanced multi-touch attribution, machine learning, and first-party data integration, focusing on large enterprise e-commerce. At the same time, Triple Whale emphasizes real-time analytics and financial reporting that are suitable for small to mid-sized e-commerce businesses.

  2. Critical differences in attribution models: Northbeam uses multiple complex models, including machine learning, to analyze marketing funnels, whereas Triple Whale uses a simplified attribution model mainly for Facebook ads focused on click-through and view interactions.

  3. Northbeam’s integration capabilities focus on robust data analysis with platforms like Shopify and Facebook. In contrast, Triple Whale offers broader integration with channels like Google Ads, Snapchat, TikTok, and Quickbooks, enabling diverse data collection for small to medium-sized businesses.

northbeam overview

features of northbeam

The key features of Northbeam elevate b2b and b2c digital marketing strategies. The platform offers:

The platform distinguishes itself with an advanced reporting feature, enabling users to generate custom reports and monitor Lifetime Value (LTV). 

Northbeam offers various customization options, such as setting up custom labels, tagging campaigns, adding custom metrics, and exporting data into custom reports. 

Their top-notch customer segmentation tools allow businesses to tailor their marketing efforts to specific customer segments.

Target Market

target market of northbeam

Large-scale and enterprise-level e-commerce businesses seek comprehensive analytics and attribution insights from Northbeam’s target market. 

Their offerings include multi-touch attribution and media mix modeling powered by industry-leading machine learning. These tools provide extensive insights into the customer journey, helping businesses differentiate between new and returning customers.

Northbeam has seen successful adoption by large-scale or enterprise-level e-commerce businesses. 

For example, MyHD experienced an 84% improvement in ROAS, while PetMeds enhanced customer lifetime value through Northbeam’s data-driven insights, resulting in the growth and conversion of high-value customers.

Triple Whale Overview

On the other side of the ring, Triple Whale is an e-commerce analytics platform renowned for its real-time financial reporting, customizable dashboard, and attribution modeling. 

The platform is specifically designed to cater to the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. Its management and automation of analytics and attribution, merchandising, and forecasting capabilities stand out.

The customizable dashboard of Triple Whale offers a wide range of customization possibilities, including chart zooms, drill-downs, interactive elements, and AI functions. 

Their comprehensive reporting capabilities provide timely and accurate financial reporting and marketing analytics.

Key Features

key features of triple whale

Triple Whale offers the following features:

These features can help businesses improve resource allocation and strategic optimization.

Their advanced analytics, including Google Analytics, can analyze various data types, such as product analytics, user engagement, behavioral data, data integration, business data, post-purchase survey data, and more. 

The profit and sales cycle tracking feature enables users to observe the direct effects of their marketing investments and monitor performance indicators. 

The customer journey analysis feature offers valuable insights into customer needs, preferences, and motivations.

Target Market

target market of triple whale

Triple Whale’s target demographic consists of the following:

The company focuses on small—and mid-sized businesses because it is committed to enabling these enterprises to track customer behavior and democratize AI and automation.

Triple Whale is well-suited for small—to mid-sized e-commerce businesses due to its essential features, including automation, artificial intelligence, and robust data analysis capabilities customized to their requirements.

Their integration with Quickbooks accurately aligns with small to medium-sized enterprises’ accounting preferences and requirements.

Attribution and Reporting Comparison

triple whale and northbeam comparison

Now, let’s take a closer look at how Northbeam and Triple Whale measure up in attribution and reporting. Northbeam employs multiple attribution models to analyze various aspects of marketing funnels and customer journeys.

They emphasize the importance of attributing sales conversions to the appropriate campaigns based on clicks, views, stages, influencers, and partnerships.
Conversely, Triple Whale employs a unique model named Triple Attribution + Views, designed explicitly for Facebook ad data. It concentrates on click-through and view interactions. Triple Whale also offers exclusive reporting features, such as Retention reports, leveraging the Triple Pixel technology.

Northbeam’s Approach

The platform’s conversion data reports are extensive, offering a comprehensive view of tracked metrics and guidance on utilizing the Northbeam Dashboard.

The reports provide features such as Custom Labels for data organization, measurement of conversion lift and lag, and monitoring of CAC across the Northbeam Overview, Sales, and LTV Pages, significantly enhancing the reports’ depth and utility.

Northbeam’s attribution software offers a comprehensive model that encompasses several components, such as:

This diverse range of components facilitates a thorough comprehension of marketing funnels, customer journeys, and marketing effectiveness.

Triple Whale’s Approach

Triple Whale’s real-time data processing capability offers real-time data visualization and insights into API performance, usage, and errors. 

Their all-channel attribution feature gives businesses a more comprehensive and precise understanding of the customer’s journey.

The Triple Whale’s attribution model is a distinctive methodology that streamlines marketing processes by prioritizing the allocation of advertising credit through a straightforward and easily interpretable model. 

This approach facilitates marketing campaigns by attributing full credit to the last ad click on each channel, clarifying the touchpoints with the most significant impact on conversions.

Integration Capabilities

Integration Capabilities

Both Northbeam and Triple Whale boast strong integration capabilities with prominent platforms. Northbeam integrates with various ad platforms, including prominent ones such as Shopify and Facebook.

Their native connections ensure smooth data synchronization and robust analysis capability across these platforms.

On the other hand, Triple Whale integrates with a diverse range of platforms, including:

  • Google Ads
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Shopify
  • Slack

This integration enables users to efficiently gather and analyze data from multiple sources within a unified platform.

Northbeam Integrations

Northbeam offers various customer support channels, including their knowledge base and email support at They also provide a live chat support option.

Customers can contact their support team through their knowledge base or by submitting a support ticket.

Triple Whale Integrations

Triple Whale commonly integrates with the following platforms:

This integration feature enhances data-gathering capabilities by enabling the collection of a wide range of data, including fulfillment metrics, shipping costs, net profit, and response types from integrated platforms.

Ease of Use Comparison

Ease of Use Comparison

In terms of user-friendliness, both Northbeam and Triple Whale possess distinctive advantages. Northbeam’s user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it a top choice for marketers who prioritize user-friendly design.

On the other hand, Triple Whale’s user interface is known for its speed, ease of use, and effectiveness in saving users time.

With its robust data modeling features and AI-driven analytics, Triple Whale’s user-friendly interface allows for a seamless user experience.

Northbeam’s User Experience

  1. Northbeam’s onboarding process includes the following steps:
  2. Thorough and structured onboarding to ensure new users are well-acquainted with the platform.
  3. Easy-to-navigate user interface.
  4. Visual interfaces for ad creative analysis.
  5. Ability to view, sort, and filter ad creatives across channels.

Triple Whale’s User Experience

Triple Whale’s customizable dashboard offers comprehensive campaign management and KPI tracking capabilities.

The zero-code metric builder streamlines the creation of custom metrics, allowing users to organize sections and metric tiles according to their preferences.

Pricing Comparison

triple whale and northbeam pricing comparison

Regarding pricing, Northbeam and Triple Whale provide competitive plans to cater to various business sizes and needs. Northbeam’s pricing is based on page views, with plans starting at $1,000 per month for brands with up to 1 million page views.

On the other hand, Triple Whale operates on a subscription-based pricing model, with plans starting at $100 per month. The annual revenue and the chosen membership type determine the plans’ pricing.

Northbeam Pricing

Northbeam offers two primary pricing plans. The Starter plan is tailored for early-stage brands with up to 1 million page views at $1,000 monthly. Additionally, Northbeam customizes pricing and technology solutions for enterprise partners with more than 1 million monthly page views.

Triple Whale Pricing

Triple Whale offers four pricing editions: Growth at $129/month, Pro at $199/month, and Enterprise at $279/month. It’s important to note that prices can range from $129 to $279 monthly for companies with less than $250,000 in sales.

Indeed, Triple Whale offers a 10% discount for annual subscriptions, providing a cost-effective solution for eligible businesses.

Customer Journey Analysis

Northbeam and Triple Whale both provide an extensive array of customer journey analysis tools. Northbeam’s ‘Customer Paths’ feature visualizes the complete journey and filters data to display converting paths.

On the other hand, Triple Whale updates their hourly data as frequently as possible, typically within a 15-minute timeframe, facilitating the maintenance of current insights into the customer journey.

Northbeam’s Approach

Northbeam’s customer journey analysis capabilities allow users to visualize up to 100 elements in customer paths, filter by converting paths, and aggregate statistics across all marketing campaigns. 

The company employs the ‘Clicks & Views’ attribution model and leverages its Device Graph to integrate data from various touchpoints, providing a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey.

Triple Whale’s Approach

Triple Whale’s real-time data processing capability offers real-time data visualization and insights into API performance, usage, and errors.

Their all-channel attribution feature, a marketing attribution tool, offers businesses a more comprehensive and precise understanding of the customer’s journey.

Support and Community

Support and Community

Northbeam and Triple Whale both place a high emphasis on customer support and cultivating an active community. Northbeam offers customer support through a specialized team that handles help ticket submissions.

Triple Whale provides customer support through a contact form and ensures timely responses.

Northbeam Support

Northbeam offers various customer support channels, including their knowledge base and email support at They also provide a live chat support option.

Customers can contact their support team through their knowledge base or by submitting a support ticket.

Triple Whale Community

Triple Whale fosters its community through a comprehensive guide on community building, dedicated Facebook groups for idea exchange, and valuable insights from the Head of Community at Triple Whale.

Alternatives to Consider

northbeam vs triple whale options

Despite Northbeam and Triple Whale’s strong presence in the e-commerce analytics field, other noteworthy alternatives, such as:

  • Cometly, which provides the capability to aggregate reports
  • View ad results for multiple businesses
  • Combine results for blended ROAS
  • Rockerbox exists

Rockerbox is a marketing attribution platform that streamlines the intricacies of multi-channel marketing.

It provides features for monitoring the effectiveness of various marketing channels, evaluating and controlling marketing expenditures, and examining customer paths.


Cometly’s interface is recognized for its high level of user-friendliness, characterized by its simplicity, intuitive design, and focus on streamlining ad tracking for its users. 

Cometly is primarily tailored for Shopify users who engage in Facebook advertising, thus making it a suitable option for various e-commerce businesses.


Rockerbox’s user interface is easy to navigate and offers visual interfaces for ad creative analysis, along with the ability to view, sort, and filter ad creatives across channels.

The platform’s user interface is easy to navigate. It offers visual interfaces for ad creative analysis and the ability to view, sort, and filter ad creatives across channels, ensuring efficient ad spend management.

Comparison Chart: Northbeam vs Triple Whale


Triple Whale

Comprehensive attribution tool for digital marketing
Unified analytics dashboard for ecommerce
Preferred Model
Multi-touch, accrual, weighted
Multi-touch, last click (Triple Pixel) cash basis
Key Features
Attribution model comparisons, cohort performance views, complete sales funnel overview
Creative analysis, customer journey, affluencer tracking, customizable dashboard
Deep dive into your add analytics using multiple models, integrations, etc.
Creative analysis, customer journey, affluencer tracking, customizable dashboard
Channel Support
Wide channel support integrations, including Connected TV
Growing. Recently added Amazon to their social channels integrations
Best Suited For
Large-scale enterprise brands
Medium to large-scale brands

My Experience with Northbeam vs Triple Whale

In conclusion, Northbeam vs Triple Whale, both offer robust e-commerce analytics platforms, each with unique strengths.

While Northbeam excels in providing advanced multi-touch attribution models and targeting large-scale enterprises, Triple Whale shines with its real-time financial reporting, user-friendly interface, and focus on catering to small to mid-sized businesses.

However, the choice ultimately depends on your business’s specific requirements, and it’s always worth considering alternative options like Cometly and Rockerbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Northbeam and Triple Whale offer robust integration capabilities with other platforms.

Northbeam’s pricing starts at $1,000 monthly, while Triple Whale’s pricing starts at $100 monthly. Consider your budget and needs when choosing between the two options.

Northbeam and Triple Whale approach customer journey analysis differently – Northbeam uses the ‘Customer Paths’ feature, while Triple Whale updates their data in real-time. This allows businesses to choose the platform that best aligns with their analytical needs.

Northbeam vs Triple Whale, both offer customer support through different channels, including help ticket submissions for Northbeam and a contact form for Triple Whale. This ensures that users have multiple ways to seek assistance when needed.

Yes, Cometly and Rockerbox are notable alternatives to Northbeam and Triple Whale.

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