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11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024

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Are you searching for the best review app for Shopify in 2024 to bolster customer confidence and drive more sales?

best product review

Popular review apps drive sales and customer engagement by sharing people`s personal stories about encountering your brand, which increases trust and helps people make confident buying decisions.

Learn how interacting with the public through these popular apps can be essential element of your sales and growth strategy and improved customer retention. 

Here is my curated list of the 11 best review apps for Shopify

Key Takeaways

      • Shopify review apps like Fera, Loox,, Ali Reviews, Growave, Vitals, Yotpo, Junip, Okendo, Opinew, and Judge. me offer features a diverse review collection, visual feedback, and multilingual support to enhance customer trust and global reach for your online business.

      • Vital features of best review app for Shopify in 2024 include the ability to sync and import existing reviews, automate review requests, and leverage loyalty programs to encourage more customer reviews.

    Integrating a suitable Shopify product review app can improve customer engagement, store reviews, product reviews, search engine ranking, and ultimately sales through showcasing star ratings, using review carousels, and customizing widgets to fit brand aesthetics.

    What are the Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 to Elevate Customer Trust?

    Best review app for Shopify
    11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 19

    In the vast ocean of eCommerce stores, import reviews are the lighthouse guiding customers to your Shopify shore. They are social proof of the quality and reliability of your products, influencing customer trust and ultimately your store’s success.

    Product review apps are essential for e-commerce businesses, search engine optimization, customer interactions, product pages, and Shopify users to boost sales and gain checkout reviews for your store.

    For Shopify store owners, having top-tier review apps for Shopify that streamline the review collection process, highlight customer feedback and positive reviews, and strengthen your online reputation is necessary.

    Shopify product review apps are important to add to your eCommerce store so you can successfully gather customer reviews and easily display them in your store. 

    Many people who shop online tend to use product reviews as their deciding factor in whether or not to buy the product. Since product reviews have so much value, finding an app to do all the hard work for you is a must.

    Fera Best product review app for Shopify
    11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 20

    Highlighting Fera Product Reviews App

    Introducing Fera Product Reviews App, a review management solution that bolsters the trustworthiness of your online store. Fera’s key features include:

        • Collecting diverse product review types

        • Syncing reviews from various platforms

        • The unlimited reviews gathered boost your search rankings and show up in Google Search and Google Shopping. This is great for SEO optimization.

      Type of Store that Fera is Best for:

          • High-revenue stores that need an enterprise-level solution at an affordable price

          • Stores that want to showcase beautiful product reviews

          • Multi-store owners that need an app that does it all!

        Loox Best Product Review app for Shopify
        11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 21

        Exploring Loox for Visual Feedback

        Text and even pictures speak louder than words in the ecommerce world. This is where Loox shines. Loox’s key features focus on collecting photo and video reviews, offering customers a visually engaging experience. It’s not just about collecting reviews; Loox motivates users to submit photo and video reviews by offering incentives, thereby enriching the quality of feedback.

        Loox can send automatic review request emails. They also offer discounts to customers for photo and video reviews.

        Type of Store that Loox is Best for:

            • Loox is suitable for mid-level stores that need a limited number of review requests

 Best product review app for Shopify
          11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 22

 For a Global Reach

          In the global e-commerce landscape, language should not pose a challenge. ensures this. This product review app feature supports 37 languages, making it easier for international customers to read and leave reviews. Additionally, it offers customizable review systems and widgets, offering a tailor-made review experience that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and resonates with your global audience.

 also helps you collect and display star ratings and reviews about your products and Shopify store. By using, you can also reply to reviews and questions to sustain a conversation with your customers and ensure two-way communication.

          Type of Store that is Best for:

              • Great for new stores that need a free plan

              • Good for stores that need a high volume of review requests

            Stamped Best Product Review App for Shopify
            11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 23

   to Increase conversions

   can increase conversions on your site by bringing out high-quality reviews in the open. You can also use the platform to automate your review request outreach, place the feedback you receive in as many places as possible, and watch your e-commerce business soar.

            Type of Store that is Best for:

                • When you have Mid-level stores that need a limited number of review requests

              Ali Reviews Best product review app for Shopify
              11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 24

              Ali Reviews: One of the easiest to manage

              Ali Reviews is one of the highest-rated product review apps on our list – it has a perfect 4.9-star score and thousands of satisfied users from different countries.

              By using such an app you will be capable of importing over a hundred photo reviews from Aliexpress in just one click. You can also share your most known user reviews on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like.

              With zero coding required, you can simply drag and drop the widgets to any of your store pages.

              Type of Store that Ali Reviews is Best for:

                Growave Best Product Review app for Shopify
                11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 25

                Growave: Great for loyalty points

                Learning to use Growave is essential as it is an all-in-one marketing platform that empowers your Shopify store with product reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and UGC.

                You can turn your Instagram feed and customer-generated content into shoppable galleries and allow your customers to shop directly from Instafeed. You can also sell import reviews and UGC.

                Type of Store that Growave is Best for:

                    • It is best to use this app for small to medium-sized Shopify stores

                  Vitals Best Product review app for Shopify
                  11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 26

                  Vitals: Top-notch tech team

                  Like the other product review apps, Vitals is also an all-in-one marketing platform that can import and gather reviews for you. Using is to be able to request feedback after your orders have been delivered allows you to showcase what your customers are saying.

                  They also have a 30-day Free trial for those who are start-up store owners.

                  Type of Store that Vitals is Best for:

                      • Ideal for small to medium-sized Shopify store owners

                    Yotpo best review app for Shopify
                    11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 27

                    Yotpo: Highest Potential

                    With outstanding performance and easy-to-use tools, Yotpo Product Reviews deserves a spot on our top-tier listing.

                    When using this product review app, you can easily control all customer reviews through its central dashboard. You can easily approve or deny it while highlighting the most notable things of each product review (so other customers will see this). You also enumerate customer feedback into a powerful data table.

                    Type of Store that Yotpo is Best for:

                        • It is suitable for enterprise business stores

                      Junip Best review app for Shopify
                      11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 28

                      Junip- Is Worth the look.

                      If you want to integrate with your theme and existing setup seamlessly, then this platform is what you need. You can easily assemble reviews and UGC from your old and new customers. This app also collects reviews and can display them throughout your Shopify store.

                      Type of Store that Junip is Best for:

                          • Good for mid-level e-commerce business that uses multimedia attachments like video reviews and photo

                        Okendo Best review app for Shopify
                        11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 29

                        Okendo: Catchy through and through

                        Okendo is known for its highly extensive range of eye-catching and customizable widgets. You can easily showcase the testimonials, video reviews, product reviews, and UGC throughout your site.

                        You can also generate product reviews from each product purchase on your website. There are about 15 different product review display widgets to choose from but you must choose carefully.

                        Type of Store that Okendo is Best for:

                            • This particular product review app is primarily suitable for mid-sized business stores

                          Opinew Best Review app for Shopify
                          11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 30


                          If you are concerned about closing the sale from your customers since most of them check reviews before making the final purchasing decision -then this customer marketing platform is the one that you should consider adding, the Opinew Product Reviews App.

                          You can send consumer review requests through a couple of options via email and SMS, completely on autopilot. Also, their consumer support team is exceedingly knowledgeable and highly responsive to any concerns. You can also establish total integration with Google Pro Shopping Review Listings

                          Type of Store that Opinew is Best for:

                              • It fits perfectly for store owners who want to utilize SMS as it can adapt to your business needs

                            Pros and Cons for the Best Review App for Shopify in 2024

                            pros and cons best review apps
                            11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 31

                            Exploring the best product review apps for Shopify can be both exciting and challenging. On the one hand, they offer invaluable insights into customer satisfaction and enhance the credibility of your e-commerce business, fostering trust among potential buyers. 

                            However, navigating the myriad options can be overwhelming, requiring careful consideration to find the perfect balance between functionality and ease of use for your unique business needs.

                            Below is the Pros and Cons chart of the 11 best review app for shopify in 2024, so you can see what would suit your e-commerce store best.

                            APPS PROS CONS
                            Fera >Full Customization
                            >Stunning built-in themes
                            >Offers customer incentives
                            >Sends automated request review emails
                            >Limit on review requests
                            >Limited number of admin users
                            >Limit on review requests and widgets
                            Loox >Send automatic review request emails
                            >Offer discounts to customers for photo reviews
                            >Display reviews in galleries, pop-up widgets, etc.
                            >Need the pro plan for full customization
                            >No free plan
                            >Less value for money in review requests per month
                            >No video reviews on lower plans
                   >Unlimited review requests for any plan
                            >Has a free plan
                            >Full review request customization in the paid plan
                            >Free trial for the paid plan only for new upgrades
                            >Need to be on paid plan for coupons
                            >Branding on free plan
                   >Send review requests through SMS
                            >Offer incentives to customers for photos and videos
                            >Has a free plan
                            >10+ display widgets
                            >Limited/short free trial
                            >Need the business plan for video reviews
                            Ali Reviews >You will be capable of importing over 100 photo reviews from Aliexpress in just one click
                            >Simply drag-and-drop the widgets to any store pages (zero coding required)
                            >Share your most prominent user reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
                            >It has a “powered by Ali review” trademark displayed on any customer review section
                            >This particular product review app has a pretty slow loading time
                            Growave >Grow sales with Gift Cards
                            >Engage customers with loyalty & rewards programs
                            >Sell more with reviews & UGC
                            >Get loyalty points, rewards, reviews, wishlists, UGC, and more with Growave
                            >Not many integrations
                            >Not very simple to use
                            >Starter plan could have been cheaper
                            >No free plan
                            >No multilanguage support
                            Vitals >There is a 30-day free trial available.
                            >You can bring in an unlimited number of product reviews from AliExpress, if that is a platform your business is leveraging to source goods.
                            >Vitals has one plan, the Basic Plan, which costs $29.99/month.
                            Yotpo >Control all of the customer reviews through the central dashboard (approve or deny)
                            >Highlight the most notable things of each product review (other customers will see this)
                            >Break down the customer feedback into a powerful data table
                            >The app can be relatively hard to use – particularly if you’re a non-techy person
                            >Starting price is high for many stores
                            Junip >Junip strongly encourages multimedia attachments and allows you to offer discounts on future orders if customers do so.
                            >There is a 14-day free trial available.
                            >For stores that handle up to 1,000 orders a month there is an Essentials Plan, which costs $39/month.
                            Okendo >You will have the perfect chance to select from 15 different product review display widgets (choose carefully)
                            >Generate reviews from every single product purchase on the website
                            >This particular product review app doesn’t have a “Free” plan
                            >Pricing is high for many stores
                            Opinew >Send consumer review requests through 2 different options – email and SMS (completely on autopilot)
                            >Their consumer support is exceedingly knowledgeable and highly responsive
                            >It can be quite hard to transfer your existing customer testimonials from other product review apps
                            >Users report many bugs in the reviews
                            Pros and Cons of the 11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024

                            Essential Features of Best Review App for Shopify in 2024

                            Best review app for Shopify
                            11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 32

                            Selecting a review app for Shopify resembles choosing a suit; it involves more than just aesthetics, but also compatibility and functionalities. The best review app for shopify has essential features that can significantly enhance the user experience and help you streamline your review management process.

                            Sync and Import Existing Reviews

                            Imagine having a personal assistant who not only collects your reviews but also organizes and displays them for you. That’s precisely what syncing and importing existing reviews do. This functionality enables the integration of reviews from different platforms into your Shopify store, thus conserving your time and effort.

                            It is akin to having a dedicated review manager who consolidates all your reviews in one location, boosting your store’s credibility and nurturing customer trust.

                            Automation to Streamline Review Requests

                            In the world of e-commerce and online business, automation is your best friend. Automation of review requests can simplify the process, freeing up your time to focus on other business areas. It’s like having a virtual assistant who sends automatic review request emails to your customers, collects their feedback, and organizes it for you.

                            Leveraging Loyalty Programs for More Reviews

                            Loyalty programs are not just about rewarding customers; they’re about keeping them engaged. Integration of loyalty programs with review apps for Shopify offers customers motivation to leave reviews.

                            It’s a win-win situation – customers get rewarded, and you get more product reviews.

                            Showcasing Customer Feedback: Best Practices

                            Displaying customer reviews is an art. Done right, it can influence potential customers, impact their buying decisions, and enhance the shopping experience.

                            Here are practical ways to collect reviews and showcase customer feedback for maximum impact.

                            Display Star Ratings for Quick Impressions

                            user rating best review app
                            11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 33

                            Star ratings are like the elevator pitch of product reviews. They provide a quick visual representation of the product’s quality and customer satisfaction. A high star rating can instantly boost your product’s appeal, while a low rating can be a red flag for potential customers.

                            Utilizing Review Carousels for Engagement

                            Imagine a revolving display of positive customer reviews on your website. That’s what a review carousel does. It keeps customers engaged, encourages them to explore more reviews, and provides a dynamic interface that will capture their attention.

                            Customizing Review Widgets to Match Brand Aesthetics

                            Review widgets are the window displays of your online store. They should reflect your brand’s aesthetics and resonate with your target audience

                            Tailoring review widgets to match your brand’s look and feel can create a cohesive shopping experience, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

                            Boost Your Store Sales with the Right Review App 

                            The selection of a suitable review app for your Shopify store goes beyond just handling reviews; it also serves to amplify your store’s sales and online visibility. A well-chosen review app can be the game-changer your store needs to:

                                • Stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape

                                • Increase customer trust and confidence

                                • Drive more traffic to your store

                                • Improve search engine rankings

                              Showcasing Organic Search Results with Customer Reviews

                              best review apps
                              11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 34

                              Customer reviews and customer opinions are the secret sauce to your SEO strategy. Relevant keywords are naturally included in these reviews, which enhances your online visibility and betters your search engine rankings.

                              Plus, they provide fresh and authentic content that search engines love.

                              Converting Website Visitors with Authentic Testimonials

                              Genuine customer testimonials can be likened to personal endorsements from a reliable friend. They provide social proof, build credibility, and can significantly increase your conversion rates.

                              It’s about creating a genuine connection with your website visitors, turning them from casual browsers into loyal customers.

                              Google Shopping Integration: A Game-Changer

                              Imagine your products being showcased to millions of users worldwide, all thanks to Google Shopping integration. Incorporating your product review app with Google Shopping integration can significantly boost your social proof, and product visibility and drive more sales.

                              Maximizing Ecommerce Success: The Role of Product Review Apps

                              On the path to e-commerce success, review apps for Shopify serve as your reliable allies. They:

                                  • Manage your product reviews

                                  • Provide valuable insights into customer preferences

                                  • Offer analytics for continuous improvement

                                Gathering User-Generated Content for Marketing

                                User generated content for shopify
                                11 Best Review App for Shopify in 2024 35

                                UGC is seen as your customers’ voices reverberating through your customer marketing platform and campaigns. Reviews, photos, and videos from customers showcase their real-life experiences, lending credibility to your marketing messages and resonating with potential customers.

                                Analytics and Insights for Continuous Improvement

                                Analytics and insights derived from product review apps serve as a compass directing your e-commerce journey. They provide valuable information about customer preferences, helping you to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions for the betterment of your business.

                                Customer Support Team: Your Ally in Managing Reviews

                                Your after-sales service team stands as your partner in managing reviews. They are the frontline troops dealing with customer feedback, addressing negative reviews, and ensuring every customer’s voice is heard and valued.

                                Choosing the Best Review App for Shopify for Your Business Needs

                                Selecting the best Shopify review apps for your business resembles finding the ideal match. It’s not just about the features or the price but also about understanding your business needs and finding a solution that fits just right.

                                Comparing Free Plans and Paid Features

                                Comparing forever free plans and paid features can be likened to trying on different outfits, aiding you in finding the ideal solution for your business. It’s about assessing each plan’s value and aligning it with your business needs and budget.

                                Evaluating Competitive Pricing for Budget-Friendly Options

                                Evaluating the pricing of various best review app for shopify, similar to comparing prices before purchase, can assist you in discovering a solution that aligns with your budget without sacrificing quality or features. By using product review apps, you can make informed decisions and find the perfect fit for your needs.

                                Review App Compatibility with Your Shopify Theme

                                Ensuring compatibility between your chosen review app and Shopify theme, akin to selecting a brand-aligned theme, is crucial for seamless integration and consistent user experience.

                                Wrapping Up My Experience with The Best Review App on Shopify

                                To wrap it up, Shopify review apps are the secret ingredient to your e-commerce success recipe. They manage reviews and boost customer trust, enhance online visibility, and drive sales.

                                Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Review App on Shopify in 2024

                                To import Amazon reviews to Shopify, I recommend using the Fera app. It is a robust third-party app designed to collect and showcase customer reviews on your Shopify store, offering a simple and efficient way to transfer unlimited reviews and display them alongside your product listings.

                                Yes, you can add customer reviews to your Shopify store using the Product Reviews app, allowing customers to engage with your business and each other to boost sales.

                                Shopify review apps help customers share feedback, which enhances brand visibility and fosters trust among potential customers.

                                By automating the collection, organization, and display of product reviews, automation can save time and effort in managing review requests.

                                User-generated content can enhance your marketing strategies by building trust, increasing engagement and improving SEO. It’s a valuable asset for your brand.

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