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15 Best Selling Products on Shopify in 2024

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The idea of starting the Shopify online store in 2024 is to enter a new world where customers’ preferences for sustainability, innovation, and personalization determine the market’s future.

E-commerce business is continuously evolving to make it more efficient for sellers, making it simpler to monitor the performance of products and the customers of an online store, providing a wide variety of payment choices.

To thrive with an automated business with Shopify, understanding the products to offer and staying ahead of shifting trends are paramount. 

In this article, we delve in the best selling products on Shopify, researched by me, in 2024. These products not only meet consumer demands but also ignite the entrepreneurial spitit.


Key Takeaways

While e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay generally connect buyers to seller’s websites, Shopify leaves the sales to the shop’s owner.

This is why matching your offers with the most popular items. best sales, or products with low competition,
is crucial for selling your products on Shopify. 

One of the key benefits of Shopify is its marketing capabilities. Instead of pouring your money into products for advertising that are difficult to sell, you can count on the ones that are easy to sell, making your life as an entrepreneur much more enjoyable.

Moreover, after you’ve created the Shopify website, you’ll need to consider the best accounting software to handle the costs, sales transactions, and other associated costs that link your Shopify account to your payment processor and the books. 

If you want to explore more about the benefits of Shopify and how it can enhance your ecommerce experience, you can click here.

What are the Best Selling Products on Shopify in 2024?

There are many lists on the internet of the top 2024 most-seller Shopify products. 

To make the list, I incorporated categories of products that appear to be appearing on different lists, especially those from the Shopify marketplace within the marketplace itself.

I examined Shopify`s top items for the year 2024, Shopify dropshipping products, and the most popular dropshipping areas for 2024 on Shopify to create an unofficial list, not in any specific order of most popular product categories that will be sold in 2024.

1. Digital Products

Alongside physical items sold in Shopify stores, you can also sell digital goods. 

Digital products can include software, online services, and downloadable files, such as ebooks, digital art, videos, music clips, some courses or NFTs, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These products are a favorite among clients due to their ability to access them at the time of purchase.

This method reduces the need for physical inventory and decreases overhead expenses. Selling digital products could be a great way to increase profits since no manufacturing or shipping expenses are involved.

2. Vegan Products

Offering vegan-friendly products at the Shopify store is lucrative, particularly when considering increasing customer interest in green and sustainable products. 

E-commerce sustainable for the environment is a great marketing and branding strategy. Most millennials want to pay more for eco-friendly vegan products, which means a rising demand for these products and services. This is backed by a large percentage of the market, specifically Gen Z, who prioritize sustainable purchasing when they make purchases.

However, vegan products don’t just include clothing or food. Offering vegan pet accessories has gained a lot of attention. Your online automated business idea can sell products made of animal-free materials like hemp and cork-based leather. There are a myriad of options.

3. Clothing for Children

Kids’ clothing is an increasingly popular item sold offline and in brick-and-mortar stores. 

This market segment is always popular as parents and their families constantly seek top-quality, modern, fashionable clothing choices for children. If you use the proper method of marketing branding and branding for your product offerings, you will be able to profit from this lucrative market. 

Offering distinctive designs, organic materials, or customized choices can help set your Shopify store apart from other stores in this highly competitive marketplace.

If you are looking to market products that are in enormous demand from customers, children’s clothes are an ideal option right now.

4. Accessories for Bikes and Cars

The bicycle and car accessories market could be an excellent option for starting a Shopify dropshipping company. 

You can find trendy items for virtually every type of client, regardless of whether they bike or drive a vehicle. The most popular car accessories are floor mats for license plates, frame frames for plates, bumper stickers, and plate frames.

Additionally, the bike accessory market has been expanding.

Some of the most popular products for cyclists include tire repair kits, bike pumps, helmets for bikes, and bicycle locks. This market is worthy of consideration for those looking to sell items on Shopify because people are fond of modifying their bikes and cars to make them unique and increase their performance. This makes these car accessories one of the most popular products.

5. Home Accessories and Home Decor Products

The market for home decor is booming and expanding, and many buyers are looking to customize their homes. The broad range of styles and products allows sellers to target certain segments.

In 2024, consider selling decor or home accessories that are in line with current trends, such as eco-friendly and sustainable products, simple designs for smart home devices, and customized products. 

Furthermore, products that complement homes and offices, indoor plants and garden accessories, and décor that is culturally influenced could become attractive to those who want to design stylish and comfortable living spaces.

6. Personal Care and Beauty Products

The most popular health and personal care products included jade rollers, yoga mats, fasting tea, and acne-related patches.

This year’s hot products are eyelash-related accessories and hair care products like shampoos. It isn’t easy to imagine when products for health and beauty will be less sought-after.

Additionally, if you have the proper marketing strategy, like YouTube videos or partnerships with bloggers who are interested in beauty, such as health and beauty products, you can sell them online via a Shopify store, which is even more profitable.

7. Pet Products and Accessories

Offering pet-related products or accessories via Shopify is an excellent idea because of the constant increase in sales and high levels of consumer engagement in the pet industry. 

With growing pet ownership and parents’ eagerness to spend money on their favorite pets, providing exclusive, high-end pet accessories could be a huge success. Dedicated pet owners always seek products to improve their pet’s wellbeing, health, and look. 

Various options are available that make it easier to choose a particular segment to concentrate on and the chance to establish an online brand with a strong reputation.

8. Hobbies and Leisure

Products for leisure and hobbies are a classic category, just like personal care items. 

The market caters to an array of hobbies and attracts people who are devoted to investing in their interests. By focusing your marketing efforts and offering 
carefully curated products, you will be able to create a loyal customer base. This industry is often characterized by customers returning to purchase and high engagement, which makes it a profitable niche that is ideal for Shopify sellers.

In 2024, the best leisure and hobby products on Shopify should be based on items related to new trends and consumer preferences. 

Look at products from DIY craft kits and crafts, home fitness equipment, outdoor and adventure equipment, educational toys and games for people of all age groups, technology gadgets for those who love to play, and eco-friendly leisure products. 

These categories correspond with the rising demand for personal growth, wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and enjoying time at home or outdoors.

9. Home Office Equipment and Consumer Electronics

In the last couple of years, Shopify businesses that offer home office equipment have experienced constant demand. This is mainly due to the shift in our operating model. 

Hybrid or home office models are more popular, and therefore, customers are more inclined to invest in home office equipment.

The online stores that deal with consumer electronics also offer cameras, cables, LED projectors, and smartwatches. Alongside finding the best product, it’s crucial for Shopify proprietors to identify the intended audience and then market directly to them. For instance, the needs of gamers, parents working from home, or college students are completely different.

10. Phone Accessories

The popularity of smartphones today has turned into a massive industry.

Therefore, smartphone accessories should be a separate category in the top list of items that are most popular on the Shopify store. 

If you cannot determine what you should sell on Shopify, smartphone accessories are an excellent choice, as they are frequently utilized.

Smartphone accessories are a necessity for everyday use and life, and they are experiencing an increasing growth rate. The global mobile phone accessories market is expected to be 413.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2030. 

The market is extremely competitive, but if you would like to stand out, you can think about customizing accessories for smartphones—an easy but effective method to build relationships with customers and increase sales.


11. Wedding Dresses

The market for wedding dresses is growing, driven by the evolution of consumers’ preferences, the influence of pop culture, and new trends in bridal style. 

Wedding dresses are attractive visually, which makes them perfect for promoting your business on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Engaging content, stunning photos, and targeted ads can attract brides-to-be to the Shopify store.

Wedding dresses can offer large profit margins, especially when they can be found or made economically. The value attributed to wedding dresses, combined with the emotional decision to purchase for many brides, generally results in a substantial markup.

The wedding dress market is a great place to target niches. Think vintage designs, eco-friendly materials, plus-size gowns, or custom-designed gowns. 

A niche-specific focus helps you distinguish yourself in a competitive market and attract the most appropriate clients.

12. Books and Records

Books have been at the top of lists since 2022. The U.S. publishing industry’s net earnings are estimated to be $25.71 billion. This market experienced an exponential growth rate between 2022 and 2023, with an increase of more than 20% in the global demand for print books and a 335% rise in ebooks.

Records: The worldwide record market is $1.3 billion, and it’s growing. Therefore, selling vinyl LPs and CDs could be a lucrative niche when you begin your business.

Naturally, classic recordings and books have firmly claimed their place among the most sought-after items for sale on the internet, and we can expect to observe this trend.

13. Eco-Friendly Products

With the increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability and sustainability Eco-friendly products are now highly sought-after. 

Reusable water bottles aid in reducing single-use plastic waste. Likewise, bamboo toothbrushes are a green alternative to plastic toothbrushes. 

Sustainable clothing fulfills those who are conscious of their environment’s needs for eco-friendly clothing choices.

14. Sell Jewelry

Jewelry is timeless and customers from all ages love the chance to express their personality through stylish accessories. 

Be it necklaces, earrings or bracelets, Shopify provides an excellent platform to connect with a worldwide market that is looking to boost their appearance by wearing a piece of jewelry. 

The wide reach of Shopify and its easy-to-use features make it a desirable option for jewelry designers as well as consumers.

15. Candles

Are you thinking about starting a candle online business?

According to estimates, the global candle market exceeds $10 billion.

Candles aren’t limited to homes; they’re used in spas for aromatherapy treatments and restaurants to create a cozy ambiance. According to the National Candle Association, people purchase candles primarily as decorations in their home and to help relax and unwind from stressful experiences.

Google Trends shows strong global interest for “homemade candles,” with New Zealand being an especially active market. Homemade candles are easy to produce and thus an excellent first business venture – even nine year-olds have found them successful!

How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Shopify?

This is a good question. 

What’s the most effective product? Is it the one that’s in great demand, the one with low competition, or perhaps both? The answer is yes and no.

The top products can be described using a variety of standards. So, let’s take a look at the different ways to think about them.

Unique Value Proposition

Choose products that create a distinctive worth proposition on the marketplace. 

This could be in the form of better quality, lower prices and sustainability, or other characteristics that set your product apart from the competition.

Unique offerings can draw customers in and help establish your brand’s image.


The “best” product should have a high margin of profit. 

That means that the costs of selling the item (including manufacturing and acquiring transportation and other expenses) must be minimal compared to the cost of selling to ensure you earn a decent profit. I

tems with higher margins or that are cheaply procured while still delivering the highest quality are more viable over the long term.


The most effective products adapt to your business’s needs. 

Consider the ease with which you can find, store, and ship your items when your company expands. Certain products may be simple to offer in limited amounts, but they become more difficult logistically when sales grow.

High Demand

Items that meet a current trend or market demand are usually considered the top selections. Consumers are constantly searching for these items, which can result in increased sales and more traffic. 

Using tools such as social media insight and market research reports could aid in identifying these items that are popular in a national or international market.

Competitor Analysis

Investigate similar Shopify businesses and eCommerce platforms operating within your niche.

Take note of what products your competitors are offering and assess which ones appear successful. Review customer feedback for insights into what customers appreciate or dislike about competing products.

It can be challenging to find an area with no competition or niches with less competition that can be deemed “best” because you’ll have an increased chance of being noticed. Analyzing competition can assist in identifying areas where you can differentiate your product and brand.

Marketing Ease

Certain types of products naturally allow for more efficient marketing strategies, such as captivating images appealing to social media or through storytelling (like the wedding dress instance). 

Products that are easy to market could result in more sales and engagement.

Interest and Passion

It is beneficial to think about selling products that truly appeal to you or match your interests. 

Your passion for the products you sell will not only increase the enjoyment of your business but also allow for you to engage with your intended customers on a personal level, which can boost the sales of your brand and boosting loyalty.

How to Find Best Selling Products for Shopify?

While lists of the most popular items to sell are helpful, you should equip yourself with tools that will give you the most current information on what’s trending.

Make use of Product Research and Search Tools

One solution is to utilize tools for researching products, such as MrQual and tools for searching, such as Google Trends and YouTube.

When people search for certain terms online, they become trending. The results of these searches give an accurate picture of what is getting popular locally or globally.

Review Trends on Social Media

It is advisable to look over hashtags, influencers, and popular posts on social media since social networks are not just places for sharing personal pictures and thoughts but also practical selling tools. 

Specific social media platforms, such as Pinterest, will provide their latest trends, which could give you some great product ideas.

Use Other Platforms Bestseller Tabs

Another method is to use other e-commerce platforms, such as eBay, Alibaba, or Amazon’s bestsellers tab, to understand the most popular products sold on Amazon’s catalogs and stores.

Find the Latest News

Another option is to check out the news with a trend that could provide insight into the items that will be popular. An example could be yoga mats

The market for yoga mats will grow to $13.49 billion by 2025 due to the public’s increasing awareness of health issues that are associated with yoga mats.

Products that are Banned on Shopify

There are a myriad of items that can be sold on Shopify.

However, before you start your online shop, you must know the products that can`t be sold
on the platform. 

The Acceptable Use Policy for Shopify contains several 
obvious limitations on products that encourage or encourage child exploitation, bullying, harassment threats, defamation and harassment, hateful content, illicit actions, deceitful and malicious methods, self-harm, and terrorist groups. 

This safeguards the Shopify community and provides an uninvolved shopping and selling environment.

Shopify is also able to protect its customers against:

  • Confidential, personal and protected health information;
  • Receiving emails.

Dario`s Summary

Making the leap into this Shopify automated business with an attention to market trends and trends in the near future is the first step for any aspiring store proprietors.

This year’s best selling products provide opportunities to invent, customize, personalize, and connect with your customers on a more personal level.

These insights will guide you when you design your line of products that are not only in line with the times but also stand apart from the rest of the online market. 

Accept the challenge because the future is full of opportunities for those willing to embrace it!

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